Online Festival : a message to dearest friend ... sami yusuf with 1391 gift

AxGiG,عکس گیگ پایگاه آپلود عکس ویژه وبلاگنویسان


Online Festival : a message to dearest friend ... sami yusufwith 1391 gift

This is international festival that everybody can take part in this attractive event.This festival is trying to bring people together to get know each other & messenger of peace & love ( Dr. Sami Yusuf) and his universal album (Salaam) & Spiritique .our main purpose is introducing all cultures & sami yusuf official website.on  the other hand trying to bring all people from all around world with every thinks and cultures around one name that called sami yusuf.but one important point is that if the users take part at the range of time that to be selected for their country have a high chance to be there in our winners list.For One Time We design One Part For Our Sisters &| Brothers That is Handicapped & Love Sami Yusuf  We Have a Reguest  From Sami Yusuf That If It is Possible Make a Sound(track) For Handicapped Brothers or Sisters.Follow us ... Don't Forget That He is there even in every tear ..

Finally I invite you to see livefeed official website and donate & Share your life

God bless you

with good dreams ...

Modern FA Manager : Ali Mosallanejad (Sami Ali)

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